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Just so you know, I think about sex just about every day. That's probably been the way I am all my adult life. I had sex for the first time at 14 and have always been what is called highly sexual, with a high capacity for multi-orgasms. I've never once thought I was addicted, abnormal, or in need of any remedy - other than having sex. That doesn't mean I didn't have long periods without sex, nor that I went off and fucked anything that moved, but having sex on the brain is just natural to me. Oy, the double entendres I used to let rip all the time! My raunchy sense of humor and predilection for risqué jokes, I admit, I've had to curb.

I think you are being hard on yourself for simply wanting more of the physical aspect of your relationship. I still think sex therapy could be very illuminating, but I seriously doubt that anything's wrong with you. I do think it would be difficult for two people with widely different libidos to work something out if not poly, but maybe the therapist can help with suggestions in that regard.
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