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Hah! So, the girl I mentioned in my last post doesn't have the balls to write me back to decline my apology...instead, she goes straight to him and says that she couldn't believe I had the nerve to write her and she will never apologize to me for what she said in the past and she still feels all of the same things about me as she did then and that she would never be OK with me.. So, he told her that wouldn't work out since I'm not going anywhere and wished her the best of luck.

Another bad potential weeded out.

But, with another one out, someone else comes in. He actually met someone locally on OK Cupid over the last couple of days and tonight they had their first phone convo and then texted for a bit afterwards and made another phone date for tomorrow night. They've got a good deal in common and he had a cute twinkle in his eye and blushed cheeks after talking to her. It was really cute I absolutely adored how we were just hanging out watching a movie on Netflix, and in between his texts with her, he'd reach over and give me affection and groping.

It made me feel amazing and totally comfortable with it and I'm proud because previously I had some major jealousy issues over him texting or talking with potentials during what I considered "our" time, but it was different tonight.. I felt completely comfortable and encouraging of him pursuing this one and it turned me on that he was giving me the increased attention that he was while doing this.

I'm also talking to someone I met about a month ago on OKC. She's from my area and moving back this coming week, in fact she's been driving from Ohio since yesterday and has been calling me along the way to let me know she's alright. We're both really excited to meet and have made plans for dinner this week.

We're both so ready to just meet other people and we're getting closer to going on those actual first dates with someone. I wonder what sort of mix of emotions I'm going to feel when he goes on his first date and how he's going to feel when I go on mine. I still think there's going to be some jealousy, but I think we are both better prepared and at a point where we are ready to tackle that challenge and overcome it successfully.
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