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Originally Posted by Eloise View Post
That a police officer would say outright other people can't or won't help their reactions or actions because someone has a sexy top on? Are you kidding me?"
This is a hot issue for sure! We just recently had this talk again.

My perspective is pretty black and white especially in the issue of people being told they are making themselves a target.

Here is my thinking on this as unpopular as it is;

The people who perpetrate crimes against people are not normal, healthy or bound by social laws and respect for the rights of others. Therefore, if a known perpetrator targets a certain look or style of dress and that is clearly their MO, then it is the responsibility of police or any other knowledgeable source to inform people of that. It then becomes the individuals choice as to how to apply that information. If they choose to ignore the warning within the message delivered by police or a knowledgeable source, then they are assuming a greater risk then a person who choses to modify patterns or behavior that could potentially make them a target.

I don't like helmets but I know that it is safer to wear one. If the law did not make me wear one I would assume responsibility for my choice not to wear one fully knowing the risk involved. I can't hold the concrete responsible for smashing my head because it simply doesn't play by my rules. People who commit crimes are like concrete...hard and uncaring for the rights of their victims.

I'm not saying anyone should be able to tell a person how to dress. What I am saying is that people should be smart enough to make decisions based on the reality around them. The way a person dresses does not make a person a rapist...but if a person is triggered to rape by a specific stimulus I think it behooves us to avoid that stimulus.

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