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Originally Posted by Interested32 View Post
Knowing what you want and actually having are never easy. The first step is that you know what kind of relationship you want. The second step was actually putting both of you out there looking for it. Dating and finding a perfect match is never simple there are a lot of hit and misses. I think go into it and sharing your likes and dislikes and then start a friendship is a good start most of my relationships with male or female lasted longer when we are friends some even after the romantic relationship ended we stayed friends. But do not stop trying to find your third if you keep trying I believe that both of you will succeed and become a family.
We won't stop looking, we'll definitely keep trying. We're going to continue to look for our third, but we're going to probably find it easier to find separate partners of our own first. I have a date lined up for next week with a girl I've been talking to online for over a month who is moving back to our area this weekend. He seems to think she would be a good match for me. He's still looking and told me last night that he's talking to a girl he used to talk to a couple of years ago before we opened our relationship up, but now she lives up in Mt. Shasta which is SO far from us.

There was some drama with her, and we don't get along as she was extremely disrespectful and hurtful to me during a period of uncertainty with me and him. I, in turn was equally as disrespectful towards her, but today I sent her a message apologizing for my behavior years ago and hoped that we could forgive each other and perhaps talk in the future. I doubt she has the decency to write me back and both apologize to me in return and accept my apology, so I will be highly surprised if she does. At least I've made my ammends and I feel like the bigger person in doing so.

She can hold a grudge all she wants, but she had better not try to pull the shenanigans she did back then. The bottom line is respect, but I feel she may be too selfish to respect me and I'm not sure she wants to "share' him with me as she was instrumental in what almost became the end of us. She's 10 years younger than me, so I certainly hope she has matured in the last couple of years and learned how to respect other people, especially those that are very much loved by someone she would consider a relationship with.
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