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Sounds like you're having some great sex and NRE, but remember, that's not all there is to a "relationship". Enjoy what you have but remember to treat your husband right. Personally, I think that if people really do love their already-existing partners, they should go out of their way to reassure them and treat them extra-special, especially when the original partner doesn't have anyone else to go be with while you have your sexy-time and emotional bonding with your new guy. But that's just me. Other people might think that that is expecting one to be someone one is not, and "fake" it. And to that I would answer, "then maybe you should leave your partner and go be with this new person because you obviously do not have the foundation or interpersonal skills to be in a "poly"-type relationship."

But as has been noted elsewhere (and elsewhere, and elsewhere), I am one heck of a judgmental bitch-on-wheels (both literally and figuratively), and I take gratuitous pleasure in practicing my craft on folks I have never met, don't know anything about, and have never experienced what they are going through. And other things.

So, take what I say with a grain of salt.

And welcome to the forum
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