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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
How is gay marriage treated? (I personally find it to be a good litmus test.) How prevalent is the One True Way To God And Heaven?
Strangely, I think Finland in some ways is fairly like what I have been hearing about Alaska - part liberal, part conservative, and you never know which part! So while we in many ways are fairly Nordic relaxed in our societal views (gays etc.), and on the other hand, traditional marriage holds great sway in the minds of many young people, despite it nothing having any better a track record than in other Western societies. So I've had some pretty extreme reactions coming from people I know and trust.

Originally Posted by Tosca View Post
But some just can't seem to accept the concept and seem very disparaging towards it. I can get not understanding, but being negative towards the idea I didnt expect.
Checking out the local poly scene might be a good idea to get some support.
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