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Hi everyone. I just got back from a beer and nachos with Redpepper's husband. We were checking out a pub in my new neighborhood. It's been a rough week for me in a few ways and it was good to sit down and relax with him. We are true friends tied together by the love of one amazing woman.

We talked about many things from how we do poly, peoples opinions of what we are building both poly and monogamistic, mushrooms, cable tv and the Hell's Angels.

I am grounded again and feel more positive than ever. Connecting with her husband is very important to my healthy role in our relationship. It is easy because I respect and genuinely care for his well being. I can't stress how important mutual respect is in our dynamic.

I am enjoying building a space with Redpepper to grow in and fill with our energy. She said this was very connecting for her (I think that was her term). Like she is no longer a guest but a part of my home...she always was a part of it but now she feels it.

I'm blessed

Just wanted everyone to know that we are all good within our love.
Take care

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