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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post

However, don't assume that in order to get your alone time or for him to be more independent he needs to be sleeping with others. Encouragement to take up hobbies or make friends or get involved in the community are equally valid ways of taking the pressure off of you to be his sole entertainer.
that's interesting, and relevant to our situation. He's actually always had a lot of friends, but had started to see them less often in the last couple of years due to quite a few factors... and yes, he seemed to have become less independent as a result. But he has also recently started to reverse that trend, and has been meeting his friends a lot more often again. Unfortunately, most of them would judge him negatively for having an extra-marital relationship.

I'm actually the one who is anti-social and rarely sees anyone outside of work and school.

(I wonder why this thread was moved. Should I start all posts here, since I am a new forum member?)
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