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Default First poly date


The date didnt go so badly. I mean, It got a little awkward when I said I'm in an open marrage, and I was sure that would be the end of it since she said that it was 'not for her'. But she wants to meet again... Never underestimate a Finn!

So when I was first looking into open relationships I came across this article about jealousy;

This really put a lot of things into perspective for me.

So we (me and S) have been telling a few of our close friends what we are up too, and I've actually been a little shocked by some of their reactions. Some of course are first a little surprised but then accepting. But some just can't seem to accept the concept and seem very disparaging towards it. I can get not understanding, but being negative towards the idea I didnt expect.

Is this pretty common? how often is it that people (friends & family) react negativly to knowing about open/poly relationships?

And hey TruckerPete & BlackUnicorn, thanks for commenting!

@ BlackUnicorn, so are there many Finns on here?
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