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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Hi Annabel!

Just finished your blog and I love it! You are so very thoughtful; Gia, Eric and Giric are VERY lucky to have you in their lives.

It's funny, I think things over in my head, then Gia and I talk about them, then I go over it all again here -- I end up processing this stuff three times over, and I still keep finding new aspects to explore. I think that's one of the things that draws me to poly in a way, the complexity. As frustrating as it can be, I like having something to chew on and work on.

I had a long instant message conversation with Gia today about all the things I've been talking about here... how impossible it is to define anything right now, how much everything might change. One phrase has been sticking with me more than anything else... she said that while she can't tell me what her family will end up looking like or what my relation to the baby might be, she will still have need for me in HER life.

In the midst of uncertainty, it's good to feel like there's something I can count on.

Her baby shower is tomorrow!!! Eeeeeeeeeee. ^_^
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