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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I don't know if it's THAT dumb. For me, tattoos tell the story of what I hold important in my life, what I have been through and what I want to be reminded of. Does Eric have any of his own? You are invested in this baby because it is the baby of two people you love, and no matter what happens to your dynamic in the future, you are already in some ways part of the baby's life. The tattoo would have been a thing between you and the baby, not between you and Gina and Eric.
Thank you for articulating my thoughts when I wasn't even able to. That's it exactly.

Eric does have tatts of his own, so does Gia. Their tatts are very personal to them, reflecting their personalities and their deepest commitments. I think they both found it odd to think that their baby could be something like that for me.

I think, more than anything, I saw them committing to this person who didn't exist yet and I wanted to make a commitment too, in a clear and visual way. But just being there can be that commitment, I don't need a tattoo. Maybe when the child is 5, if I'm still involved in his or her life and still feel this strongly about it, I'll bring the idea up again and see if his feelings have changed.
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