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Default Poly house party!

(Just spreading the looooove-RP )

The first EVER international DIY festival, Poly House Party Weekend, is only a month away: June 3-5, 2011! We want to see people hosting all kinds of events that weekend to celebrate polyamory, across the world!

This is the first time an international DIY festival celebrating polyamory has ever been attempted. If we do this right, Polys globally will spend the weekend building and nurture their communities, raising funds for the... Movement, and raising awareness about our culture and relationship preference.

To participate:

*Throw a party! (this can be a movie night, game night, picnic, barbecue, play party, dance party, keg party, a nice dinner... anything goes!)

*Open it to the community! Post it on our site so polys in your area can find it:

You'll fill out some simple info about your party, and get an event page that local polys can find by zipcode and tags, so you can grow your community by meeting the people interested in the kind of experience you want to create!

*Or, come find a party for Poly House Party Weekend on our site!

Pro-tip: Use it to plan your weekend of revelry if your city has a lot going on. Or, if your city doesn't seem to ahve enough to suit your taste, bug your poly friends and get them to make an event too! After all, we're poly-- the more the merrier!

We can't wait to celebrate with you.

~The Poly House Party Weekend Team
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