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I try and keep it as simple as I can at all times. When I am with my boyfriend or any other lover I have i am completely in the moment with them and there is nothing else (except my cell phone which may ring to tell me to get home to my son in an emergency). I am completely immersed in them in our moment and can switch it on and off depending on who I am with. Sometimes there is a transition time between people and I allow it to work it's way through and so do they. I expect the same thing of my husband also, although so far he hasn't had enough experience to master it yet. Anyway, it seems to work, but is not easy. Shutting off emotions and being rational within such strong feelings is not easy, but very important. It takes practice and it's okay to fly by the seat of your pants a bit and screw up.... we are after all human in all this.

I really liked the dog hose spraying joke!!!!! HAHAHAHa! it definitely feels like that at some points!!
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