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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Question for you all:

So when you feel jealous-what do you do with/about it?
For me it's usually because I don't think the person who is the object of my jealousy has spent enough time and energy getting to know me and respecting my place in my husbands life. I need to feel that their intentions are honorable and that my husband respects that I am first when he starts a new relationship. If the person makes an effort and I can see it then I am usually very giving of letting go of my husbands time with me.... even if they are obviously having a hard time talking to me and approaching me I am willing to take that as an effort. I am not always that easy to approach as I am very confident, intuitive and trust that in myself, clear to the point of being blunt about what I think, I am very passionate about my beliefs around certain topics and most of all very protective of my husbands heart... I have seen it damaged and will raise hell if necessary if anyone hurts him again.

I go with my gut a lot and sometimes I am jealous when I just don't think the person is good enough to be in our lives.... they have to be worth the effort and if I think they aren't then I rage if my husband thinks they are....

I do a lot of checking in with my body and where my feelings sit... for every emotion really, but for jealousy especially... I know myself well enough to know that if certain areas of my body are effected then it's for a certain reason...

Sometimes, just being rational is all it takes to realize what is going on.... for instance my co-worker went on her third trip over seas this year, not to mention all the little trips she's done... her husband works for an airline company and gets free stand-by tickets to anywhere they want to go. I have not been on holiday out of province, let alone off this island!!! in years.!!! I am fiercely jealous and dread her coming home with her stupid pictures of her stupid trip... grrrr..... I may be sick that day... just so you know. Don't tell my boss, k?

One last thing, there are several threads on this topic... look back or do a search cause they are gold!
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