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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my daughter's best friend committing suicide.
Maca, GG and I took flowers to the gravesite. It was bittersweet.

But-he was CLEARLY unhappy about us being there-which created an awkward tension and we left.
I think you have mentioned this couple before. Sometime you just can't win.

On a side note, Maca and I had some gravely serious-productive conversations without an argument. It wasn't easy and there were a lot of tears. But, we managed a couple topics and moved on to easy camaraderie and lovemaking after.
All progress is good and any heavy discussion that you can recover from quickly is reason to celebrate

GG's having a rough week. A lady he works with was run over and killed this week. He didn't know her well, but the rest of the staff did and the school is holding the funeral-which due to his position was his job to coordinate set up for (and soon, tear down as well). That in addition to "normal" work responsibilities. He's a naturally emotionally sympathetic person and being surrounded by so much sincere heartbreak has been taking a toll this week.
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