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Well, now that finals are over, I'm unemployed and what not. Not too much to keep me busy. Lately, it's been hard not to think of O and the pain that's still there. Earlier this week, I was at a restorative yoga class and we were in a pose and I was relaxing and connecting. All of the sudden, I just started crying uncontrollably. I guess that your body holds a lot of that emotion and when you connect with it, it comes out.

This Saturday will be my first Krav Maga class with O. I'm pretty nervous. I told my teacher that it's going to be difficult and summarized why so she'll understand if I need to step out for a bit. I wish I could pretend I don't care and it doesn't bother me. I just know how it makes me feel when I think about him or see him. I fall totally apart. Sigh... I hope that it goes well enough. Well enough, so I can try it again. At least I'll be hanging out with T1 afterwards, so I can get a big hug.

Things are going well with Things 1 and 2. Should I give them new nicknames? Is it entirely too confusing? Let me know. Earlier this week, there was a munch and afterwards it devolved into some more hanging out and play. Much fun was had by all and I got to try some new stuff out and new people.

I had so much fun, in fact, that Thursday evening, I was still glowing and I had a bunch of people comment on it. I think I may be developing feelings for T1. And I love getting to try kinky things out with people.

I got an unlimited yoga pass! I'm so excited, I get to go to so many classes now. I've been going just about every day. In fact, I'll be heading out to an Ansura class in like an hour. I am a bit sore but it's good to get a bit of activity when you're sore, helps to alleviate it.

And I get to play with T2 tonight. I think it'll be our first time. We were supposed to meet up last week, but then I got sick. And then there's a birthday party after that. I guess it'll be a late night. Hopefully not too late though, I have Krav Maga in the morning. Don't need to be exhausted AND distraught.
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