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Originally Posted by Erosa View Post
In fairness, sex addiction can be said to exsist in that the addiction to endorphins and other brain chemicals is seen In others behavior so why not in sex?

But I think the sex therapist is a great idea. She should be able t help you sort out some of the issues.
When I first seperated from my ex, partly due to an affair I had, I immediately jumped to the conclussion that I was hyper sexed. My therapist quickly pointed out I was hiding behind the idea of sexual addiction. He then gave me examples of sexual addiction behavior. They were similar to any other addiction examples like gambling or narcotics. When you are willing to do anything to get a fix and devalue everything else around except for that one pursuit, you are essentially addicted and self destructive.

The following is from http://stark-raving-sober.blogspot.c...addiction.html
"Soon it will be official that sex addiction is actually 'sexual interest and arousal disorder,' according to the DSM-5, the authoritative manual for diagnosing mental illness. This is a small detail in a bigger story, however. The DSM currently acknowledges only a hand full of behavioral addictions: pathological gambling; excessive shopping; and binge eating disorder; and these are classified as impulse control disorders rather than addictions.

This may be remedied by the NIMH Research Domain Criteria project which is working to define disorders in terms of, "genetic findings and neural circuit maps." This should place behavioral addictions and substance addictions in the same category because they represent disruptions to the same biological pathways. For example, when problem gamblers gamble, their brains light up like addicts' and alcoholics' brains. (Not coincidentally, roughly half of gambling addicts are also addicted to alcohol) Similarly, "when a compulsive overeater is shown images of palatable foods, the brainís pleasure centres are activated in a way that differs from 'normal,' non-addicted eaters, but is similar to drug addicts."

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