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Holy shit! Start a thread in an afternoon, walk away from it, and BOOM.... !!!

wow, didn't know this would be such a hot topic... but glad of it

I just wanted to remind, before commenting on any of this, that this is a public forum. It's important to remember, for me at least that we really don't know each other (except for my dear friends now on facebook... who I really only know a bit better, but a whole lot better than this!) and can only do a lot of guessing as to each others situations... I love that we can do this and talk frankly and bluntly because of it. Where else in life do you get to do that!

It's kind of like yelling at other drivers in traffic. When do they ever get to hear that we think they drove too fast through that school zone and should of slowed down as they almost ran over that kid they didn't even notice was waiting at the cross walk.

Really it is a great gift from the god of technology (yes, I really think that he is a male ) that we can talk like this at all. I for one try my best to take things with a grain of salt and also offer my opinion with as much openness as I can figuring that others do the same. What an opportunity to not only have the gift of each others openness, but also the gift of talking so freely! That is real ploy! we are having a real poly relationship! What would that make this...? a googleplexiad?
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