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Default My friend needs someone to talk to

Howdy folks,

Apologies for a heart weary introduction, and though my heart is heavy, I'll be brief.

I have a very good friend that I care for deeply. We've known each other for 6 years through work, and in the past year (Christmas of 2010) we realized we had intense romantic feelings for each other. At the beginning of this year, she discussed these feelings with her husband, and talked about opening their relationship. She's a 44 year old woman, her husband is 48, I'm a single male 38, and they've been married for over twenty years. None of us has experience with polyamorous relationships. None of us has children.

Long story short--while I enjoy spending time with both of them, the opening process has not been going well.

She's asked me if I know anyone she can talk to, get advice, and listen. She's so despondent and full of rage and sadness. It hurts me to see her this way. My only goal is to connect her to a poly-experienced person who can listen and help her. Not to seek a way to advance any romantic interests.

At the very core, I treasure her as a confidant and the very closest of friends. Are there any members that are willing to talk to her? Or connect her to people in the community that have the time and willingness to listen?

Peace and kindness,
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