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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I bet that right now, they have hard time imagining what a sea of change they are going to face in a few months. I can think of no better gift for a lover than your time when it is most needed - even taking the baby for a walk so that the new mum can take a short nap can be a life-saver. So the lack of enthusiasm is just part hormones and part of Gina having no idea how their life is going to change.
No doubt. I ended up sending an email to Eric explaining what I was thinking in terms of my role as an "Aunt" and asking what his feelings were on the whole thing. He wrote me a good, thorough reply in which he said that he, also, has no idea how things are going to look and does not know what to expect, only that they will need their friends and family for support and will almost certainly be happy to accept whatever I offer. He also said that he wouldn't be ok with it if I got a tattoo to commemorate the baby's birth... yesssss, I know it sounds a little weird and crazy and maybe even creepy but it WAS something I'd been thinking about so I brought it up to him to feel him out on it and I'm glad I did since he didn't like the idea. Heh. It would have been tasteful and lovely! BUT it would also almost certainly have been a dumb idea, since I don't even know if I'll be in these guy's lives in another year. I'm just so excited about it all, y'know?

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
As to Davis - I'd wonder too if you will be able to give him the time and energy he needs, especially with this baby thing. On the other hand, it seems he is not going anywhere as it is. Have you talked about what being primaries might mean both for you and him and for you and Gina and Eric and baby Giric?
Yeah, that's one of my biggest concerns about the whole thing... can we really balance it such that he doesn't feel neglected and I don't feel overtaxed? We haven't talked about it further yet, I just sent him some poly/mono articles last night so that he could begin to get a handle on how things MIGHT look (he has no knowledge or experience with the idea of poly whatsoever).

Baby Giric, omg so cute.
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