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Default Thanks everyone!!

I guess i am more confused than i thought. I think we are just bored with our marriage and want to be desired again like when we first met but we want to maintain our companionship. We love each other because we have been together so long.
We want it all and to compartmentalize the whole thing, not sure it is possible as some folks pointed out. I am infatuated with someone at a distance now and eventually want to get together with him twice a year out of state for a fuck buddy session. We assumed fucking friends of ours would make everything more complicated. We live in a small town in Maine :0( So Poly is when the husband knows you are in love with someone and hangs out with that person? or vice versa. We both think Monogamy is unnatural. We realize you can love more than one person just not sure how to incorporate that into our relationship or maybe we will eventually figure we want to be single and just fuck whoever we want whenever we want, now that sounds great!! I really appreciate all of your comments!!
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