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Thank for all the input. I guess we WILL have a closer look at ADD again. thanks for the website, if necessary, I remember about the private email. i dont' know any adults who are dealing with this.

as to the YES/NO .... well, yes, he used to look at it as if Yes, means he could do what is good for the other relationship. After long discussions he has however understood that the views of what poly means for everybody can be so different and tha my YES was not meant for what he understood. so we agree in terms of frequency (how often can he see her etc. or let's say that I feel my needs are taken into consideration) now. But it is so difficult when the confrontations are so hard. it is not that i am avoiding conflict, but as you said, why can't we just look for a color that suits both of us. As you said, after days of talking he comes proudly and tells me that he has discovered that there IS another color besides black and white. the one i pointed out from the start......... is it a male thing???
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