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Originally Posted by P4ME View Post
I am in a 20 yr marriage to a wonderful man. we decided we both could have a separate relationship once or twice a year with someone else
A relationship once or twice a year? That's an odd way of defining a relationship. Doesn't really sound like a relationship is what you want at all. It just sounds like you're talking only about extramarital sex.

Originally Posted by P4ME View Post
Rules: no friends, no bringing them home, be safe, don't flaunt other person, etc. Does this qualify as polyamory?
Not really.

A pity you aren't allowed to fuck your friends.

Originally Posted by P4ME View Post
We are extremely private and he doesn't want to know about my fling and i don't want to know about his. I feel so much better tho just knowing i can, like a huge burden is lifted and that i may be attractive to someone else so it has made me more focused on me which i like.
Ah, so you are talking about just sexual flings. With an, "eh, what he doesn't know won't hurt him" approach. Wouldn't that still feel like cheating in a way? Wouldn't you begin to wonder about the people he's involved with?

Originally Posted by P4ME View Post
Also not sure how to proceed with making sure I am safe. require test results? help!
Yes, for both of you, and ask to see the paperwork! Of course, you both should USE CONDOMS!
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