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I worked out last night for the second time this week. Yay! I did intervals on the treadmill, which make it so much more interesting: Warm-up, then intervals of 1 minute at a fast pace, two minutes of a normal pace, repeated until the cool down, which is a slower than normal pace. I don't run on the treadmill - I racewalk, which is more difficult and actually burns more calories than running because you have to always keep one foot in contact with the "ground" and it demands more energy, while running helps conserve energy (a good resource to learn more about that is the book Walking by Casey Meyers).

Anyway, did that for just 20 minutes, because it was the last hour before the gym was closing, and I needed time to go upstairs to work with free weights. I love strength training and am grateful that my ex taught me so much about proper form. Both this time and the last, I was the only woman on the free weights floor, and I could see the guys looking at me when I came in. Here they are groaning and grunting with their big machines, and this chubby, grey-haired old lady walks in. They probably expected me to work with only 5-lb weights. But after a few minutes, I could see them admiring the exercises I was doing and my form - which was mostly perfect! You don't see too many women in a non-bodybuilder-focused gym doing dead lifts for some reason.

Yay, this morning, my weight had dropped a little bit more.
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