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Default bi f/f couple in nashville looking for third


We are a mid-late twenties female couple looking for a man to complete our family. We are very laid back, enjoy movies, reading, and all sorts of nerdy things like star trek (were late to the party but making up for it fast . We are very open minded and like to have fun at home mostly.

We have had a few experiences with this dynamic and definitely could see the potential in a equal triad kind of relationship. So far we haven't found anyone willing to embrace the lifestyle and when things got serious it ended. So to be clear we would prefer a man that is close to our ages (26 &27) that can handle paying equal attention to both of us and watching plenty of dorky movies. A is a very outgoing fun girl, she has that punk look to her with crazy hair colors and all. Im more conservative but I like to let loose in private. Were both what you might call bbw tho we are working on it.



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