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Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
The professor- it's hard to tell. I have asked him a lot of personal questions, which he has answered, but there was one he didn't want to talk about, which is totally valid given that we hardly know each other. ... I definitely get the sense that the professor is capable of intimacy, he has a partner, and he is loyal to her. ... So at any rate it's unclear to me right now if the professor is just being normal, holding back from verbal intimacy (like sharing personal info) because this is a new encounter, or whether he plans to keep a lot of things private because this is a secondary relationship, and not poly.
Well, you say you met him on Adult Friend Finder. That site is not known for being used by people who want relationships with sharing, caring, and all that mushy, emotional stuff. He probably doesn't want all the talk because he's just looking for a tight, warm hole.
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