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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
"this is what we want, we love each other, so deal with it"

This is the impression that I have always got, especially from 2Rings. Not saying that this is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH - but it IS the IMPRESSION I got.

MG, although you did start your blog well after KT's was already established, you have made your points in other threads and have been anything but silent throughout the duration of your membership with this forum. So, saying that we only had KT's side of the story up to now just doesn't fly.

I am sure your meeting with KT will go well. The two of you seem to be making the efforts required to achieve the goals you both want.
It is a reality to deal with. Absolutely. Is it not? However in my statement about the blog. Mine is recent and though I have contributed on other threads, you never got a daily clip of my life. My feelings or my perspective on every detail of our days. It just hasn't been here. I never said I was silent. I said you do not know what I do...or think I contribute because for the most part I don't give you a play by play. But your opinion is going to be your opinion.
And thanks for the acknowledgement.
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