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Ok, the 6 month update.

O and I are doing great. We've settled into some comfortableness, and discuss things as they come up. We've also kind've decided that neither of us wants another relationship with someone else, and have been discussing what "poly" means, what we "are", etc.

Right now, the agreement is that we can make out with whomever, so long as it isn't at a huge party where all of our colleagues are at. I don't need the stares, questions, judgement, etc.

It's happened a few times for the both of us - me with another female friend, *snicker*, and him with a friend of a friend recently. I actually didn't get gurbles about it - I thought it was cute and I was proud of him for going in for the kill. Although it is weird for me to write and I think some friends don't really understand or feel threatened still.

In fact- at a recent party O was confronted by a friend wanting to know if we are in an open relationship and was super excited about it. We have some level of open-ness, but the doors are not blown off the hinges. Her bf saw her and got super pissed and jealous. He is an odd fellow. He used to date my housemate and I saw manipulative and controlling behavior from him towards her and so I had a talk with her. At first she was defensive, but they later broke up and she was more appreciative for what I said. I feel bad for this new chick.

As far as anything further, we've been busy although talk about it. The possibility is certainly still on the table. I think we are enjoying the intimacy we have with each other as things are.

J - the man (boy) I mention in the previous post got that annoying chick preggers and I slowed down my visits and communication with him. It pissed me off for so many reasons, and also justified my feeling that he was acting immature. It also completely made me lose any attraction to him. I never made a scene - but I calmly told him what I thought, and left it at that.

All of this (the cheating friends, J being irresponsible) makes me appreciate O even more. I realize all the heartache, annoyance, etc from our relationship early on has amplified my ability to trust him now. So yay

I am even day dreaming about where the fun can go next... There are so many cute people (guys and gals) out there!
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