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I would say if I signed up for an LDR that would be part of the territory of acceptance of that dynamic and schedule. Yes? But I didn't so the point is moot and this is not a break he and I WANT but that they need. And for clarification, this isn't the first time I have suggested a break between us for them. It is probably more like the third or fourth time. The last time for approx 5 weeks in Septemeber/October which ended in KT having THE WORST meltdown to date. And keep in mind 2Rings and I are lucky to see eachother for two or three hours a week on our own. Lucky when we get that. We go weeks like 2 or 3 without sex. As a matter of fact before this break began I think it was two weeks since our last intimate time together. That may be TMI but the reality is on average we meet for tea and do a crossword puzzle once a week, sometimes we talk for an hour or two after work and we have a date every 2 to 3 weeks, overnights are maybe 2 or 3 times a year (so that is about 5 overnights to date-I count 4 but I am probably missing one ). I will see him briefly at work with many others present so no physical contact or intimate conversations, and even that is limited because of vacation days he and I have scheduled for specific family events.

Hats off to you for maintaing LDR, I couldn't do it. I need the interaction. The way I give and receive love is through words of affirmation and physical touch. And though I am a secondary, our relationship is not secondary in nature. So this is very hard. For me. And NRE probably has been extended because of all the stops and starts with KT. But unfortunately for me I have that same giddy energy I always have had with him. That may not go away. Not sure I want it to because time flies by with us. We have a good time together always.

God I could not imagine being separated from my love for 11 years!! I don't doubt after 2 months love remains but it sure is lonely and a little less blingy until then! And I will miss his kiss and his hand holding mine and our long talks. I will miss being in his presence. Don't you?

I have lots of projects lined-up and some family events to keep me busy. So I will be fine NK just not as shiny for the most part. Know what I mean? I don't think you were being judgemental, just your opinion.

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