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It's confusing when you say "my couple" because for one thing, they are not "your" couple. They are "a" couple. And when you are priomarily involved with one of them and not the other, it is usually referred to as a "V"; when you are all three involved with each other more-or-less to the same extent (all have sex either in twosomes or threesomes, all feel "crushy" or "lovey" toward the other two people), then it is usually referred to as a "triad". Think of the shape of the letter V and the shape of a triangle. How are the two different
? There is no line connecting the two upper points of the V. That indicates bthat the two points of the V are not "in a relationship". Of course you ARE in a relationship to some extent because of your common partner - that is usually referred to as being "metamours".

It is really not that complicated. If you are passing organic chemistry, this stuff should be easy to understand, conceptually if not practically. You CAN tell the difference between a triangle and a two-sided angle? can you not? It's very similar to the difference between a triangle and a rectangle, N, or Z when describing the difference between a relationship with three peopleinvolved or a relationship with four people involved. All these terminologies came about to facilitate the description, not to hinder it. That is the reason we don't like to use any word we want to describe anything we want. It's like going into an ice-cream store and asking for "not chocolate" when you really want pistachio. You don't expect the employee to read your mind and figure out what you really want. You have to SAY "I would like a pistachio ice-cream cone" or you might end up with Strawberry. The same is when you're involved with a member of a couple but not the other member. Referring to the relationship as a "V" and calling them "my couple" is just going to confuse the fuck out of peeople who don't know you from a hole in the wall.

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