Thread: Am I a Unicorn?
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Originally Posted by Chupee View Post
Sorry, I'm not trying to be a unicorn haha, I'm just new to this whole thing and am trying to get my head around the terminology.
Oh good!

I've always had difficulty understanding why anyone would *strive* to be a unicorn (other than the cool mythical animal label). It's a role that is so strictly defined by the desires of the couple involved (Must love both equally? Is it even possible to *plan* that?) that I can imagine one's sense of self getting utterly lost in a magical forest of idealization.

The "unicorn" label is tongue-in-cheek, because real relationships--even between a couple and a hot bi babe--will never fit neatly into such a narrow preordained box.

Of course, a healthy, non-idealized triad is totally achievable, and it sounds like that's what you're working toward.
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