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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
But it never happened. She not only agreed to the arrangement, but also that such an action would be appropriate, expected, and proper in her view. And already having her own knight on retainer anyways, she was neither worried about the dragon, and let me know that she would be hauling his ass out of the burning castle long before she’d be worried about my smoke inhalation! (I may be stealing some of this from someone else’s (*cough*TP) blog in a way, but it’s an elegant example and something that I think I needed to talk to as well)
Yes, I certainly noticed similarities to our burning building rule, too! Except, we never gave examples (such as concurrent emergencies) or qualified it. It was just BURNING BUILDING, CHOOSE INDIGO.

I think at this point, I would never have to make a choice about who to support. They care about each other enough that they'd be able to see who needed it more. I find the idea of two earth-shattering emergencies that absolutely require me to be, at this point, as unrealistic as the burning building because there are just three of us, not children/other partners/etc.
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