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Originally Posted by Eloise View Post
I'm not sure what you there something like an official Manual of Poly terms that I should be aware of?
I had been given to understand unicorns are single (uncoupled females) and one of the first responses on here was "you're not a unicorn because you're not bi." Now I'm being told it's confusing if I use "my couple" and describe it as a V... it's getting a bit bewildering.
Just for the sake of clear labeling.

Unicorn is an unattached, bi sexual hot babe who is interested in exclusivity with the couple.

A triad is a sexual/romantic relationship with both of the other members of the couple.

A V is a relationship with one member of the couple. In. That case you may be called a leg and the person with two relationships is the hinge.

It helps people, when trying to help you, to clearly understand the relationship structure
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