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I think it's interesting that you folks are doing this now, at the two-year mark, seeing as how they say that NRE can last from six months up to TWO YEARS... I don't mean to sound judgmental like I always do, but I would respectfully point out that KT has been wanting to "take a break to work on the marriage" for a while but it seemed that you and 2Rings were not prepared to do that until now. Just saying... It's about time you guys gave it a chance. No one is going away and it's seriously time to stop talking and start doing. I realize that "talking" is sometimes also "doing" but I think you know what I mean.

I don't mean that towards any one of you specifically. I mean it toward all three of you as a group.

ETA: Seven weeks is NOTHING. I see my boyfriend every couple of months. I didn't have contact with him for eleven years, and after all that time we still love each other. It will pass quickly.

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