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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Ohhhh, fearfearfears, I wish you would just shut up. I want to be strong enough not to need to ask for reassurance. I've been feeling more insecure than I'm used too lately, and it's so annoying.
Those fearful thoughts might not be your own. Human beings are like radio receivers; we can pick up the thoughts and emotions of those around us like radio waves. I'm sure you've experienced how a room full of people can change in tone according to an event or something happening. Our brains and bodies just know what's going on before our conscious mind can understand it. I would guess that as first-time parents, Eric and Gia are both insecure, nervous, and afraid. You're just in tune with them. As you relax more, you'll begin to recognize your own thought processes and be able to identify when it's your own shit or not. And you can be the level-headed one in a crowd of confusion!
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