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We had no relationships going on when we got pregnant with our boy and he was born. He was our relationship. We felt that we couldn't justify giving our time to others and taking it from him. We were way into attachment parenting and this was part of it for us. He didn't leave me until he was over a year (LB and I were in one bed, PN in another) and I breast fed him until he was three. I had barely room for PN in my life at the time. I'm glad we did it that way, because all the literature and my gut was right, this boy needed all I gave him in the way of attention, attachment, and time. It was so worth it.

I think if there was someone like Mono in my life back then, they would of been a part of that. Any part of my immediate family would be. I just wouldn't and didn't start something new with anyone. It wouldn't of been fair to them really and my head wasn't in it at all.
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