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Talking Sum up!!!

Ill spare the details, since I think its more the results that matter now. We survived the initial steps, and were able to carry on building our relationship with each other, and our larger tribe once I returned home. It wasnt without difficulties, but I dont think it was ever traumatic either. I think everyone was interested putting forth their best effort to make the respective paramour and metamour relationships work. Im currently very much in love with my gf. I find her partner very accommodating and easy to get along with as a metamour. My wife continues to astound and amaze me Shes horrible for never giving proper credit to, or acknowledging herself for the effort shes put into this process, and the hurdles and challenges shes successfully overcome in this journey. And while we sometimes get back into doing our own things, I find were still very much attuned. And as we settle into a kind of routine I find were really getting to enjoy our home family more. Her gf is a whole other set of awesomeness, but I dont worry too much about seeking out time to develop that metamour relationship since I know shes pressed for time, so Id much rather my wife have time with her love, rather than me.

On St-Paddys day, my gf and I went out to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of our first tentative meeting and frank discussions...the beginnings of our relationship. (I guess Im a little late posting this...but only by 2 months.since this blog started with a 5 year lag, I think Im catching up! )

That will more or less wrap up the story of how I met my gf, and started walking down this poly road. Ill try to revisit things from time to time, since there are still things about communication, being the operator playing telephone, maintaining connection, coming out, etc. that I will still want to talk about from time to time.

But in the meantime, Im quite content, and ready to switch some of my focus and energies away from searching in vain for elusive poly partners, and work a bit on the families, the home, the local poly community, and myself. As usual my wife knows more about me than I do sometimes, and shes pointed out that theres still missing something in my life. I need a new project. A new focus. I could go back to an old one like gaming...but my job has gotten me used to playing games for real. So onto new projects it shall be...which should entertain her to no end, since apparently she thinks Im funny looking when Im fixated on new subjects. (Why So Seeerios?!)

Or is it just that she thinks I look funny?
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