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Originally Posted by violet View Post
Just to toss this in here, I HATE NRE. I hate it. HATE. It's a hindrance more than anything to me, and really just pisses me off. I want to be past it already.

In my relationship with HMA and Anne, I don't feel the NRE. At all. And believe me, I know what it feels like. I still think moving in together is a good idea - when it's feasible about 4 months down the road. HMA didn't express that one. 4 months, IMO, is plenty of time to make SURE of things.

Good for you!

Not to hijack, this is relevant, but it's all about ME:

NRE is sort of like a "high" in bipolar lingo. I'm not quite bipolar, but I have a problem with feeling REALLY HAPPY like to the point where you feel giddy and transcendent and like you could just leave your body and never return... because every time I have felt like that, the inevitable crash has ensued, and I'm not talking about simply my MOOD. I'll give you an example, but please bear in mind that this sort of thing has happened to me a LOT and this is only the most recent one:

I was driving my new/used truck last December 18th, thinking what a pleasure it was to have all the features and the smooth ride of the off-road suspension... I LOVE THIS TRUCK! Maybe I should name it?

And suddenly I was on a small bridge spinning in a 540 degree arc (it had snowed the day before and it was icy) ending up on the other side of the road smashed into the guard rail... Thank GAWD there were no other vehicles traveling the other way and well, a video is worth a million words:

Anyway, my point is that NRE is sort of like that, so congratulations on being able to avoid it.
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