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The previous post is so uncomplete, I don't like how it reads and M doesn't either.

M said "I left out, Everyone has a right to their feelings, you can't tell someone that their feelings are wrong or take them away. Their feelings are their feelings, not your feelings. Each person owns their own feelings. You can disagree with what they are feeling but that doesn't make them wrong. There is no right or wrong when it comes to feelings. The thing is to accept that they are feeling the way they are, and let them know that you accept the way they are feeling, that you may not agree with their feelings, but you acknowledge their feelings. Then you need to discuss what each other is feeling and get to the heart of why they are feeling that way and not leave it at a half conversation."

I was happy when we were finally all comfortable that she would lean over and kiss him during a conversation. I was happy when he finally told her he loved her in front of me. I am happy that now R and I can discuss her as "the woman we love"

One more M quote "after all my feelings aren't wrong, they are just different from yours"

I feel better now, I feel this is more complete.
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