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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
I find short trimming preferable to shaving both in myself and partners. Keep things tidy and clean, and avoid razorburn and itchy pricklies growing in! (I find it particularly painful when a guy has crotch stubble and it rubs on your lady parts!)
I told him that we gotta get him some Nair as I just read a thread on it here and he told me "No way! You're the one with the 80's porn muff! You first!" *blush* Truth be told, I get gnarly ingrown hairs with shaving and Nair is too much for my lady parts, so I've gone au naturel. I guess him trimming was a hint to me, lol... I'll take that hint and raise him 1!

I just hope he lets me Nair it for him. I'd get secret pleasure out of seeing how he reacts, teehee. He's never been completely bare, so it could be interesting. I don't think I'll dig the stubble though, so he's gonna have to keep up with it.
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