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I have nothing bad to say about it - how you feel is how you feel, there isn't a right or wrong to feelings.

I will say though, that your post kinda frightens me, as I thought we'd covered this last night and you were doing better and had a grasp of what you wanted.

Oh well - we'll work at it until it's handled, lol. That's what this is all about, and if we have to cover the same subject 100 times until we all understand each others POV and can come to an agreement, then that's what it takes!

For those others reading this exchange - Anne and I are a little bothered that Violet more or less layed the groundwork for this whole thing and assured us that she was ok and on board, and then started having issues with feelig "lessened" by the new girl. I take strength in the fact that these feelings seem to vaporize when Anne shows up and they get to see each other. We discussed last night how going back and changing the dynamic would be devestating to both Anne and in the long run to our relationship, and that we needed to work it out from where we are ow, not where we were then. ANyway, we'll get through it - nobody involved doubts the love we all share or our desire to make it work.
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