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Default axe..

funny IG, i finished painting whimsical color on my "bedroom axe." yes when my father walked by and saw an axe standing near my bedroom door, he asked "How many lovers come back after seeing that?" he was kidding and knows his practical daughter lives well, practically...A wall is just a window waiting to private philosophy in all the years in the fire service. Dependency and despondency, when dependency needs are not met, are incestuous and breed like gerbils, overrunning their Habitrail, escaping and taking up residence under the floorboards, in the kitchen cabinets and in the walls and ceiling...eventually everywhere you look a gerbils tail is disappearing...but you've looked at the damn thing...and therefore your thoughts go there.
Set some humane traps for the critters, and go do something you take me out for a beer to the corner grill once this smoke clears...sit and read Wooden Boat magazine while I varnish in my bizarre hood...or go sail or beach it or play in your shop.You are fun for everyone who knows you. BE FUN FOY YOURSELF!
All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog--Franz Kafka
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