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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Care to elaborate on the unicorn type-arrangement? Are there like primarily sex-motivated unicorn arrangements out there ?
Well, actually, when my ex and I first tried poly, we tried for a unicorn arrgt. This woman we knew, H, was part of a large loose circle of friends we had that we used to meet at jam band music festivals. She was single, and nice. So, she was a friend first, and I fantasized a casual FWB thing, getting to see her at our festivals, or other get-togethers we had with the Deadheads, like maybe share a tent or a room once every few months or something. But H and my ex fell in love, and she turned out to be not interested in me sexually, so it snowballed into something much more important for them, and uncomfortable for me. It felt like it was threatening the fabric of our marriage.

But I do think lots of people look for a "hot bi babe" just to add spice to their relationship, not wanting or expecting emotions to be involved, just a hawt sexual 3way...
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