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I'm in France now (arrived yesterday).
The trip took 24 hours, three planes and I got sick. It sucked, but fortunately that's over.

Had some issues upon arrival too: they wouldn't issue a new bank card (French one) and said I had to call and order one, which would be shipped to me. So I decided to wait because I need to change addresses first. Which I did this afternoon, to take effect on the 15th.
My US bank card got blocked too because of "suspicious transactions". Which was a bit annoying because I told them I'd be back in France after 3 months, but wasn't such a big deal because I could get it reactivated today.

So now I have some money and I'm pretty much done everything I needed to do in Paris. I could leave today but I think I'll stay an extra night and leave tomorrow.

It's pretty hard to think all the people I love (romantically, I mean) are now on a different continent. On the plus side, Seamus's work has said they'd give him time off if he want to come and see me, so he might be able to make a trip to France at some point.
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