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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hey IG,

If I'm understanding you correctly, this would be my thought......

We have to be careful of trying to cling to the wonderful things we come across in our life. Therein lie the seeds of dependency (and despondency).

Whether it's a thrilling experience, a great new food or anything else, there's an art to developing detachment and yet still savoring every moment or taste.

Maybe this is what you are trying to explain ? You discovered something wonderful. you want to wrap it up tightly in a box so you can always have it whenever you want/need.

Something about life doesn't allow that.
I suggest looking for a better alternative.

"art to developing detachment"
ive been rolling around with this for 'daze'... initially thinking "developing detachment" was the saddest statement I ever heard in my life.

"Therein lie the seeds of dependency (and despondency)."
now i need an axe to hack down what i thought was a beautifull tree grown from the pernicious 'seeds'... I thought the tree would provide shade and shelter for myself and those i "loved"...
now im looking out at the despondency desert

OK... a bit dramatic but not to far off.
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