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Originally Posted by Ursilla View Post
Jill had colon cancer discovered in stage four. It spread to her lungs and collapsed one which let to her death.
SHIT! I had a feeling. That is what my mother died of except instead of lungs, it spread to her liver. Same thing - colon cancer discovered in stage 4. She lived a bit over a year from the time they found it. 3 types of chemo, one round of radiation, NOTHING worked... It was 8 years ago Sept 25th she died. So a few months is NOTHING. And I'm not even in a "loverly" (as JRM says) relationship over that...

I REALLY don't want to rain on your parade (ha, what an expression to use for this) but your triad or vee or whatever you want to call it is very fragile and could just be a coping mechanism... but whatever it is I'm sure it is necessary and you will use it to return to a state of normalcy whatever that means to you.

I honestly wish you the best whatever that turns out to be... this is a very difficult time. Cancer sucks. Once again, please treat each other right and honor the memory of your friend Jill.
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