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Originally Posted by Erosa View Post
When i have a first draft, would anyone like to test drive it?

Would love to!

Originally Posted by Erosa View Post
And am i right in assuming that the most common poly combos are:
1. Male-female-female (all linked)
2. Male who has two females, who are not linked to each other.

Hmm, I actually think there are quite a few prominent female posters in here who are hinges of a two-guy-vee. That's what the Anita Blake novels were originally about - 'I have two very different guys and I can't make my mind!' So if you are aiming for that chick lit feel, having a straight female lead, starting out as a single woman, then having this complicated dating situation with her two beaus, with temp break-ups and the works (Ariakas had it all down) would be totally marketable and also relatable to monos out there.

Originally Posted by Erosa View Post
Also, can anyone give me an example of what the healthy sexual dimanic of a poly relationship is?
Depends a bit if you want to move them all under the same roof at some point, because it has a huge impact on the dynamics. You need a shitload of compersion to manage being the mono arm of a hinge and living together with your SO and their OSO.

Is it just me who is seeing this alpha male - more New Agey guy as the arms of the vee, accepting poly at different paces and eventually hitting it off after a few miles of bumby riding?

Originally Posted by bkreader View Post
I remember the Anita Blake books did that, although I found them unbearable to read once they became more porn than anything else.
I know! Detective Anita Blake - cool; porn Anita Blake - disappointing .
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