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Who's SG-AB-AL? Can't mentally equate those intitials with member names yet, lol.

Violet and I have been talking every day about this very thing, before this thread and even more since reading it. YGirl's comment re the use of the term "third" is very valid for our situation; we are of the opinion that an "equality" model is best for a triad, and working Anne into "full partner" status when Violet and I are an established couple is taking a LOT of work all around. And we've only been together 10 months!

Just this week we learned and had to discuss and fix a situation in which Ane was holding back from fully committing to us a little because she didn't feel "equal" yet, and that Violet was having problems viewing her as equal because she was holding back, LOL! And that was just the tip of teh iceburg which became a lot of very tough, very emotioal discussion. Luckily, the strength is there in our relationship and the love and desire to make it work is there all around, and we're all looking forward to getting past these growing pains and growing this into what we all see on the horizon.
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