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Ariakas - He drinks beer, and usually on the weekends, though occasionally during the week if the next morning is his to sleep in (we alternate who gets the kids each morning). Although he does tend to drink a pretty large quantity on the weekends, and there have been a few periods throughout our marriage was I was concerned that his drinking was getting out of hand and suggested perhaps he should cut back. For a while it was the hard stuff. He's always very calm when he drinks (until the poly thing came about), so it has never caused a problem before, per se. When we went on vacation in December he was drinking an awful lot (this was before poly), but we were also on vacation so.. ?

To answer your question, in my opinion, I do believe he often rides a fine line between it being enjoyable, and it being a problem. I think it did hurt me that after the counselor suggested that we not drink (I don't drink much at all, but if he's not, I'm not), he only made it a little over a week before asking me if he could get some beer. I kind of felt like he's not taking it seriously, or maybe he has a bigger problem than I think?

Mr., I can't say I'm against meds, as I've required them for much of my life. I can tell a night and day difference if I'm not on them, though mostly for anxiety than the antidepressant. I did pretty well without them from the time we got married until we had kids, but that just puts a whole new pile of stress on top, and the anxiety went through the roof. While I have been mildly bi-polar for as long as I can remember, he is only now having issues, I think he will be able to beat it on his own.

That said, he's going to see about getting his own counselor to see on the side, as well as the one we are seeing together. He feels a week is too long between appointments, and he needs to deal with his own issues as long as the ones that involve both of us.

I'm not sure if he comes here and reads anymore..... we don't talk about the site much, but I know he knows I still read and post. *sigh*
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