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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post

Keep friends, who are deserving of your friendship. Don`t enable drama-queens, cheaters, or manipulators.

You CAN do something. You can control yourself. Keep away from her. People like that only learn when they alienate their friends. If you allow yourself to be pulled around by puppet-strings, she`ll forever expect you to keep her secrets.

Good Luck.
Couldn't of said it better myself. It sounds like you gave her some resources, explained how you feel and now can wave goodbye until she fixes it or says goodbye to you.

I would tell her that you will tell the truth if he ever asks you what she is doing, why you aren't around or something to that affect. Her lie is not yours and her secret is not yours to keep. Being involved in the deception of another does not have integrity (among other numerous values that I hold dear ) so I wouldn't do it.

Hey! And good to see you hear! Glad its going so well, other than this issue. *hugs* old friend.
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